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Mallku Cueva

Our hotel-refuge is the adventurous link in a complete and varied chain of tourist experiences. Made from a rock formation, it represents a warm lair for travelers, nestled in the magic of nature. A space to find, in the middle of nowhere, a connection with the world.

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Hidalgo Tours

Our tours are designed to create unforgettable experiences that will make for extraordinary stories—because we’re convinced that every new step you take into the world has the power of revealing its own truths, while transforming your life and leaving indelible marks on your memory.

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Palacio de Sal

The luxury link in our chain of allied brands and the first hotel built entirely in salt in the world. Its architectural beauty is absolutely surprising and its location, on the shores of the salt flats, makes it an unmissable adventure for those who travel to Uyuni.

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Jardines de Uyuni

Our city hotel. Conceptualized in adobe as the main material of traditional Andean constructions, it is the transit space that helps our visitors go from the pragmatism of individual daily life to the sublime of the journey. The perfect connection between several worlds.

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Gastronomy is seen as a journey that accompanies, inspires and constitutes a fundamental part of the interior landscape, taking our culture as a legacy, but adapting it to other formats and other palates. In its 4 versions: Palace, City, Pop Up and On the road, Tika makes you taste the flavors of Bolivia.

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    Mallku, Villamar. Colcha K.
    Nor Lípez, Potosí, Bolivia
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