A refuge near Uyuni

Simple, like home

Our refuge is based on the actual needs of our visitors, in the middle of the desert, and at an impressive altitude. Our care is kind and homely: warmth, meals, and restraint. A familiar environment to shelter after a long road.
Dining Room

A hot plate on the table, always.

Our dining room not only offers a complete buffet breakfast for our guests but also different homemade local recipes and international cuisine, with Km. 0 ingredients, designed to replenish energy and maintain lightness in an atmosphere that slows down the body.

Living room with fireplace
Satellite phone for emergencies.
Free Wi-Fi Internet
Solar panels

A wonderful refuge anywhere in the world, but especially in such a remote area. A big place. An oasis.

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    Mallku, Villamar. Colcha K.
    Nor Lípez, Potosí, Bolivia
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