Our refuge

The best alternative to a hotel in Villamar

Our main goal is to make possible the harmonious existence of a space of containment in the middle of nature, from the warmth of a comfortable refuge for tourists, with enormous mystique and with a deep awareness of the need to preserve and care for destinations.

Why come to Mallku?

There, where nothingness takes shape and the sky explodes in blues and oranges, we invite you to tempt the spirit, to enjoy the deep reflection that the natural immensity gives away, the fatigue of the route, the uncomfortable atmosphere of the heights. We invite you to look beyond the materiality of things, to listen to the sacred silence of the night, and inhabit the calm.

We invite you to cross a bridge towards what has not been seen before, to discover the language of the stars, the greatness of the outside, the value of the inside, the importance of warmth. We invite you to renew your attention to the things that were always there: we invite you to let yourself be moved.

What does it mean
to stay in Mallku?

In Aymara culture, Mallku is the spirit of the strength of the mountains and the most powerful presence in the heights. When you stay at Mallku Cueva, inside our huge rock, you are not only being welcomed to tourist accommodation, but to the sacred house of our ancestral gods, in an empty, untamed desert, thousands of meters above sea level and away from everything.

A wonderful immersive and experience-based tourist destination, in one of the most attractive routes in the region (The Lagunas Route), which has 12 rooms, each with a private bathroom and central and/or electric heating, cozy common areas, basic services such as dining room and Wi-Fi, among other important differentials for the area.

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    Mallku, Villamar. Colcha K.
    Nor Lípez, Potosí, Bolivia
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